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At our beauty salon, Bellezza e Armonia in estetica, based in Palau (OT), you can take the time out to care for your body and your mind.


At thebeauty centre, we offer numerous services and professional treatments of various kinds, provided by highly skilled and constantly updated operators, to guarantee maximum attention to our guests.

The services we offer are:


  • Pulsed lighttreatments;
  • Nail reconstruction;
  • Radio frequency treatments of face and body.
  • Detoxification treatments of face and body
  • Mechanical and manual lymph drainage






Innovative technology for progressive hair removal


Laser technique

For all skin types

- quick and painless

- used throughout the year

- Quick session times

- Slows down the growth of hair




No treatment has ever been so effective.

A single solution for RESHAPING your figure

The effects of treatment:

- Eliminate cellulite and fibrous nodules

- Decrease in stagnant fluid in the tissues

- Increased firmness and elasticity of the tissues

- Remodelling of the silhouette


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Aesthetic beauty centre

BioBenè specialization centre

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Massages for men and women


Ayurveda centre

Face and body radiofrequency

Ultrasonic facial treatments

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Mud therapy

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